It Wasn't Ghandi on Customer Service But the Message is Still Super Important

Wake Up Call
For Untrained Twits
Who Confuse Transactions with Customer Service.

Hi Fellow Business Growth Athlete,

I was having coffee this morning after swim training and my mate tells me the following tale of Twittism that riled me, stirred me up, got me to write this rant..

‘I was at xxxxx café down by the beach the other morning at about 5 to 7 looking for a coffee and breakfast and a catch up with friends.

(It’s one of our favourite places with a great view and in the past service has been pretty good. Either there is a new manager or they sound like they’re getting lazy… Taking their location as a guaranteed customer magnet instead of the overall friendly vibe I remember from last summer..)

My mate’s story continues…

‘I was 5 minutes or so early..

No other customers were there but there were two staff just hanging around.

So I go to the counter to put in my order..

One staff member says ‘we don’t open until 7…’

I go sit down and read the paper waiting for them to ‘open..’

The staff hang around doing nothing and talking to each other for another 10 minutes, by which time another 10 customers have arrived and now I’m in a queue.. he says..

I finally get coffee and breakfast at about 25 past 7..

As he said to me:

‘What is going through these people’s minds?’

‘Who trains them (or doesn’t train them..)?’

Have AC/DC Become Business Coaches?

Why I was Motivated by AC/DC’s New ‘ROCK OR BUST’ Video Clip

Hi fellow AC/DC Fan or Business Growth Seeker…


In the past week I have done at least 6 things that reinforce the importance of the ROCK OR BUST Theme:
  1. Coached three different experienced Sales Teams to sell better, smarter and more strategically than before using New Science Persuasion Strategies they either didn’t know about before or had forgotten that they did know them.
  2. Met with two great guys who are moving from one career to another to discuss how they could keep Rocking On and using their gifts and talents to achieve their personal and financial goals
  3. Planned a whole new Business Innovation programme for a new client
  4. Planned my Christmas break with the family
  5. Updated my now famous R Factor – Relationship Marketing in the Digital Age Home Study programme
  6. Watched the AFL re-invigorate the International Rules Football with a great game Ireland v Australia (with around 40,000 others at Subi Oval last Saturday night..)

Rock or Bust…?

White Collar Sales Success: 6 Steps to Professional Sales for Professionals

White Collar Professionals Selling Secrets Revealed here

Recently I was working with a group of highly qualified Accountants.

One had a Masters Degree, international experience and clearly was highly intelligent.
He then told me of a client selling situation he was in… wondering why he didn’t win the work.

Once he told me the story, it was clear.

He’d made at least 4 key mistakes in his process.

1. Not only had he given away far too much information before he asked for the business,

2. He assumed that if he showed the prospect how smart he was he’d automatically get the business

3. He assumed that because he worked for a big firm, that would automatically transfer his credibility

4. He never asked the prospects DBC – Dominant Buying Criteria, to get the work in the first place..

In short, his Professional Services Selling process was POOR, WRONG, UNPLANNED, UNPRACTICED and FULL OF ASS-U-MPTIONS..

(You know the old story — when you ASSUME you make an ASS of U and ME…)


White Collar Selling and What to do to Increase B2B White Collar Revenue

Are You a White Collar Professional?

Do you sell Professional Services?

Do You Sell Business to Business and You’re Looking for a:

  • Better Sales System

  • Better Lead Generation

  • Better Sales Conversion

  • All done Professionally…

White Collar Sales and Business Development IS DIFFERENT.

Your people need to understand and LIVE that DIFFERENCE.

Every day they do NOT LIVE IT is costing YOU THE OWNER lost clients, lost revenue and LOST PROFITS.


Sales Management Success Tip #4: Scientific Sales Planning Leads to Super Successful Sales Results

How Good is Your Sales Planning?


‘Where you aim is where you get’ so the Success Proverb goes..

How good is your Sales Aiming System?

If you’re in Sales Management you need an effective Sales Planning System.

You need to include Effective, Scientific Sales Planning into your regular Sales Training.

Questions to get you thinking:

How well do you use Sales Results Statistics?
Do you collect the right Statistics?

How accepting and positive are your sales people about the use of Sales Planning and Sales Statistics?

It works..

It really works..

And here is proof..

How to Turn a Burnt Out Underperformer into a Sales Champion

Sales Turnaround – Sales Coaching Gold:

From Tipping Out to Topping

This is a story of Sales Transformation.

A Sales Coaches delight.

I will keep this Sales Athlete’s identity a secret..

But it’s a great story of someone who was at the bottom of their Sales game..

Not so much Sales Training as Sales Management Lesson.

Unhealthy, depressed, ashen faced..

Then.. three months later…

Happy, healthy, making great money… and at the top of the Sales Results Ladder…

Almost double the sales results of the next person on the team..

Here is the story and the secret to the turnaround…

A must for every Sales Professional and Sales Manager..

2.59 minutes that will change your sales in the next 90 days if you use it..

Business Coach Lessons from Water Polo Training to Take Sales and Business Results to New Levels

How the ‘Let’s See If..’ Business Coach Strategy Can Work in Your Business

I’ve just come back from coaching my Masters water polo team this morning..

and I had an idea that I used at training I think you can use with your team.

You see,  it’s important in water polo (like so many other sports and businesses) to pass the ball cleanly..

Cleanly means when you get it, you can do something with it quickly, accurately, strategically; to put your team to advantage.

Not so cleanly means it’s in the wrong spot or misses you completely.

So the whole flow of the movement breaks down (and the opposition have a chance to recover.)

Why Swift, Clean Movement?

How to Win More Leads Using Purple Cow Marketing Lead Generation Strategies

Stop Being Beige and Start Purple Cow Lead Generation in Your Business

I’ve got about 5 other things I should be doing right now but I just had to get this message out to you..UNIQUE2.gif

It’s because of 3 powerful thought starters on something about as important as Oxygen..

No matter what survey on business challenges I look at…



‘If only I had more leads I would have more Sales…’