Bob Dylan, Billionaires and Lessons on Surfing the Winds of Change

The Government say NO to Twiggy Forrest lobbying for an enquiry into Iron Ore Prices. Why? Because China have just done a deal with Brazil to dump even more cheap iron ore on the worlds market. So much cheap iron ore that will out produce BHP, Rio and FMG combined… How is that going to impact life in Australia?? That’s either a hot or cold wind.. Either way… Ouch!!

Why Manage the Management Words You Let Come out of Your Mouth

What You can Learn from Ross Lyon and Buddha to Lead and Manage Better in Your Business

Let’s start with my main point right up front..buddha_sky_2_by_hanciong-d6cctvq


I am regularly inspired by the business and life lessons I get when reading the Sports section of the newspaper.

Take today for instance on page 71 of the West Australian newspaper.

Headline – ‘Threats Continue for Freo’s Defence.’

But that’s not the point.

It’s about the wording, the regular messages and philosophy coach Ross Lyon puts out to his team and the supporters.

‘We’re an anywhere, anytime team…’

‘We’re a “no excuses” club..’

Can you see how those words have a powerful impact on self esteem, self belief, self image and conversation of both players and supporters?

Words Do Shape People

Everyone has had leaders and mentors whose words have helped shaped their self image.

“You’re a good boy (or girl)..”

What is Stopping You Getting 'A Grade' Sales Performance out of Yourself and Your Sales Team?

10 Questions and 5 Steps to Bringing Your ‘A Grade’ Sales Game to the Table


I was running a sales training session in a Board room last week with a high powered sales team in the Investment Services-High End Property game.
Have you ever had one of those ‘stream of consciousness’ moments when even you are surprised by the power of what you say?
It hit me like a ton of bricks as the words came out of my mouth.

‘You can dress like an ‘A Grade’ Player..
But are you doing all the things an A Grade Player does??’

8 Power Tips on Attracting a Huge Crowd with Your Next Marketing Strategy

8 Power Legend Tips and 6 Questions on Giant Sized Force of Attraction for Your Business

The Giants in Perth have come and gone..giants  perth.jpg
They certainly lived up to their hype..
Go to NOW
Crowds of 300,000 and 400,000 saw the Giants – each day of the 3 day visit..
1.4 million people in 3 days.
Certainly good for the bars, restaurants and shops of Perth.


How to Get Lucky in Business and Life: 5 Lessons from John Lennon, Kevin Kostner and Van Morrison

What Stops You Being the Same: Lessons on Luck and Getting Lucky

Hi Business Athlete,

Do you remember the old Charlie Tremendous Jones saying:

‘You’ll be the same in 5 years as you are today except for the two things –

The people you meet and the books you read..’

In today’s ‘easy access information world it is not only the people you meet and the books you read.

Its also the movies or YouTube or Facebook clips you watch.. the Wikipedia and Google facts you look up…and so much more..

We are all constantly being bombarded and influenced consciously and subconsciously by what we actively and passively soak up.

Here are just a few that have got into my psyche in the past week