The Numbers Tell The Story You Need To Know

#1You only measure results – Did we win or lose? Did we make money or not?

#2You only measure process – How many inside 50’s? How many shots did we take? How many appointments did you make last week? How many phone calls did you do? How many proposals did you submit last month? How many hours did you work (or bill)?

#3 – Or You can measure both. Which one of these choices do you make?

Success – What Does It Take To Produce Sustained Success?

If you live in Australia and haven’t heard the name Rick Charlesworth you probably haven’t been that interested in success in sport over the last 30 years.

If you have any interest in success, sport or high performance you will know that Rick is no only a medical doctor, Sheffield Shield cricketer and Captain of Western Australia, but Olympic hockey player, gold medalist and Master Coach of the Australian Men’s and Women’s hockey team.

Feedback And Blind Spots

I just completed a series of 13 question feedback sessions with several groups over the past few weeks as part of their ongoing Sales Team Development Training.

Each and every group talked about how valuable it was to get feedback from their co-workers and managers about:

• What they did well
• What they could do better
• How they made decisions
• How they managed time
• How they managed stress and multiple projects
• How they could relate and perform better with their teams

Why Emotional Management is Important In Winning The Business

Getting the deal, getting the YES is way more than just product or price.

It’s also about the feeling you engender, you create, you facilitate in the prospect.

Your prospect needs to feel the two C’s – Confidence and Certain – that you can deliver the benefits you say you can.

The secret to that is – you have to believe you and your company can deliver what you say you can FIRST.

You have to believe in your product, your service and yourself.

May Is The Month Of The Home Straight

• Mothers Day
• National Mental Health Month
• Kentucky Derby and Indianapolis 500
• A month where Catholics honour the Virgin Mary for the whole month
• In France they plant a ‘May tree’ in honour of someone they want to
pay homage to.. In Germany it’s a ‘May Pole..’
• It is also Skin Cancer Awareness Month
Whatever you plan to do or celebrate in the Month of May.. do it well.