Sales Training Lesson #56: Improve Closing Sales By Baby Steps

In sales training, sales coaching and sales consulting people are always asking us the ‘what is your number one secret to increasing sales?’ question.

Of course, there is no NUMBER ONE SECRET (except in writing marketing materials… because everyone is always looking for THE SILVER BULLET…) but, this secret is a beauty that I was reminded of again last week.

So often, we want to make the BIG SALE.. THE BIG ONE that will break the budget.

Maybe we need to get out of the hole we might be in at that moment or just make THE BIG ONE so we can go back and tell the Boss we’ve done it..

That we are the Sales Legend for that week or month..

Sales Training Lesson #31: How to Close More Deals by Asking Better Questions

Wayne and Mary recently went to a Financial Planner.

They had some Superannuation, some Life Insurance and a few other bits and pieces, but basically, their finances were all over the shop..

To Wayne’s pleasant surprise, the Financial Planner asked if he could ask a few questions, some of which might be a bit personal, (but then again, if you’re talking finances, it probably needed to get personal).

Barry (the Financial Planner) took out a document that looked about 10 or more pages and began working his way through.

He’d ask a question, get an answer, share a bit about himself or other clients in similar positions, then he’d ask another question.

The interesting thing about it from Mary and Wayne’s point of view was that Barry was helping them get insights into their finances they hadn’t had for years.

Barry had at last got them working ON their finances rather than being at the EFFECT OF their finances.

Barry was leading them to the inevitable conclusion that they had to take some serious action… and NOW..

So what is the sales training lesson in this for you in your business?

Sales Training Lesson #48: NLP, Sales Team Diagnosis and 3 Steps to Getting Your Quotes, Tenders, Proposals Accepted

So many great Sales Training, Sales Coaching and Sales Consulting lessons from last weeks consulting to clients..

Here are just some in a nutshell.. (maybe I will write about them at some point in the future)


Our Perception Mapping Process showed yet again the power of doing an online Diagnostic of Sales Teams attitudes, issues and areas they request Sales Training in before you begin a Sales Training programme. Sales Managers at one of our new clients just loved seeing their results. It mobilised them into action.

‘What are my team saying?’

‘How do we compare to the other teams?’

‘What are the top 3 issues we need to fix?’

‘Let’s get on with it..’

Sales Training Lesson #35: More Leadership Lessons from Wayne Bennett, a Priest and Confucius

Beautiful sunny day here in Perth…

Having a lazy start to the day after a mate’s 50th Birthday party last night..

It was an 80’s theme so everyone dressed in 80’s gear..

Everyone from Adam Ant to Indiana Jones and Madonna (look alikes) showed up..

The speeches reflected on my mates journey over the past 50 years and especially the memories and joys since the 1980’s..

When was the last time you heard Princes ‘1999’ song.. and remembered when you first heard it and it seemed like centuries away when it would be 1999..?

Time flies by..

Adam Ant is probably a grandfather by now.. and like one of my other mates last night who had a black wig with ponytail and dark sunnies (his wife said he looked like a Big Slav)… hairlines and waistlines can and do change..

So what’s that got to do with you and your business?

Read on…

Sales Training Lesson #101:How Diagnosis, Video and ON is better than IN

Monday morning. Anzac Day weekend.

It’s a holiday here in Australia.. and its the weekend of my 23rd Wedding Anniversary.

Have had a lovely weekend of hanging out with my darling wife and family…

Breakfast by the beach.. wash the car.. swim with the Saturday morning crew, Art Exhibition at a mates exhibit in Freo and a couple of movies (as you do..)

(Here is a photo of Cath and I on Cottesloe Beach after breakfast.. and more evidence I can’t line up the shot on the Iphone..)

‘So What?’ some may ask.. ‘What about business… cashflow… MORE customers, MORE margin..?

Ok.. Let me get to that right now..

Here are just a couple of key lessons from last week..


Sales Training Lesson #97: Why Manage the Wolf Within

I’m reading Wayne Bennett (the legendary Rugby League coach here in Australia’s) book “Man in the Mirror’ at the moment.

Bennett has set records for winning the most number of Premierships – six – and number of years coaching the one club – the Brisbane Broncos for 21 years.

As a Coach myself, I’m interested in his thoughts, strategies to dealing with people, how to optimise and get the best out of them, how to turn things around when the game is not going your way etc..

(By the way, this is a photo of me as a youngster with a wolf, well, my Grandfathers sheep dog named Jet.)

Sales Training Lesson #72: How Rebounding is Key in Closing More Deals

OK.. so it’s Monday morning and I’m a day late with this post..

I got seduced yesterday..

by promises of good swell and offshore breeze…

So we raced up North to Lancelin for a quick surf..

It was terrific…but I ended up hitting someone else’s board on my last wave of the day and will need to pay the repair costs..

A small hiccup I will need to rebound and learn from… (like the rebound of me breaking my board in two on my Easter surf trip to Denmark – see photo)

Which brings me to subject of today’s post..