Sales Training Lesson #88: Tips of Sales Prosperity in the Year of the Rabbit

Australia Day is Over…

The fireworks have come and gone again for another year..

For thousands of businesses around Australia that signals the real start to the New Year.

In fact, it is Chinese New Year – the year of the Rabbit they tell me..

A quick study of what that means is that in the year of the Rabbit (which is following the year of the Tiger)

‘Good taste and refinement will shine on everything and people will acknowledge that persuasion is better than force.’

We could almost call it The Year of Persuasion.

It’s time to get your team together, to communicate, share ideas and strategies and get very clear about what you’re going to achieve in 2011.


Sales Training Lesson #567: Why People Buy and Why People Don't Buy

A presentation by a friend of ours, Steve McGurk… using a new technology that moves beyond ‘Death by Powerpoint’ called Prezi.

Wow.. it allows you to scan in and out and move around a presentation rather than have to move slide by slide and linearly…

Steve has put several powerful Youtube presentations and a powerful TED talk on ‘Challenging the Status Quo and Innovation..’

Here are some of the great points I got from the presentation.

5 Ways to Turn Emergency into Triumph

Sitting here in the office and it’s 33 degrees outside in sunny Perth..

That really is a contrast to watching the TV news over the past few days and seeing not only the incredible damage of the floods in Queensland (and down around my old home town in Bendigo; Echuca and Rochester swimming pools where we used to race are now flooded…) had done but..


But more to the point, the incredible power of the Australian spirit of mateship, community, a fair go, helping out people worse off than ourselves..

Business Coaching Lesson #23: How to Empower Yourself in 2011 with 'The Kings Speech'

Happy 2011 to you and your team..

This year is going to be another interesting year of whatever you and I make it to be..

The winds of whatever the economy is doing will continue to blow. But we have to set our sails to deal with it.

While we continue to enjoy the New Years weekend, we went with our swimming mates to see ‘The Kings Speech’ last night.

What a movie!!!

I would say it is one of if not THE BEST movie I have seen in many, many years.


Sales Training Lesson #128: How and Why You Should Soak Up Post Christmas

It’s Monday morning and it’s going to be 38 degrees in Perth today..

I’ve just got back from a swim from the pilon to North Cott and back with my water polo cronies… then a coffee..

‘Bittersweet Symphony’ is blasting from the Christmas presents downstairs..

It’s been a musical Christmas here in the Farnell household.

We gave our son James a new Cole Clark guitar for Christmas.. It’s superb..

(In fact, here he is last night playing with his band mate Steve in our kitchen, a song they composed on Boxing Day..)

Sales Training Lesson #23: Two Ears, One Mouth and the Gold in Client Feedback

I’ve just finished putting a new page on this web site..

It’s a page that outlines a service we have done for almost 25 years but had not articulated clearly enough on this site..

As with so many things, it’s so obvious… IN HINDSIGHT..

Why hadn’t we done it already?

How could I be so blind? So forgetful??

No need to spend too much time beating ourselves up…

Just fix it..

But where did the CATALYST FOR ACTION come from?

A client..

Sales Training Lesson #179: How Socrates, Hope and Mental Upgrades Can Work for YOU

Sunday morning.. about to go to water polo training.

Our trusty dog Ebony is faithfully sitting at my feet..but I woke up with a couple of key thoughts I wanted to share with you from this week..


John and I this week spent 2 full days educating and re-educating ourselves.
We sat in front of a TV screen watching DVD’s of a Master of Sales and Marketing share new and powerful sales and marketing strategies.

Some of the things we had heard before, some we hadn’t.

Sales Training Lesson#58: Marketing Lessons from John Farnham

I’ve woken up this morning with a John Farnham song repeating in my head..

It doesn’t happen every morning… but it has this morning..

You see last night we were guests of my old mate Brad Mellen of Mellen Events here in Perth.

He was staging the second of the ‘Evening on the Green’ Concerts in Kings Park.

Australian music legends, Ross Wilson, Richard Clapton then John Farnham..

Sales Training Lesson #74: Why have More Winners?

39 degrees in Perth on Friday last week…. It must be summer on the way..

I knew Miss Maud’s in West Perth not only have some nice, healthy sandwiches, they also have very good air conditioning.

So decided to take my son James there for a quick lunch and get out of the heat.

To our surprise we bumped into an old family friend while we were there.

My old friend was raving about the advice (and Free Sales Consulting) Blue Rocket partner John Blake had given him a few weeks ago about how to motivate his sales team.

In a phone call with John about another matter he had complained about how to get his interstate distributor agents to sell more of his product rather than have it as a low priority on their list.

John gave him one piece of Sales Management advice that has had his sales go through the roof…