Why What You Don't Know Can Hurt You

In two different meetings this week and thought of this..

Remember the old saying ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you?’

It seemed to make sense at the time..

But how wrong a belief this is??

In the first meeting with a Sales Manager telling me about another Manager he was having a ‘crucial conversation’ with..

He gave straight, honest feedback to his team mate..

‘This is how people around here see you…’

Am I Simple?


I’m in one of those moods this morning..

Reflecting on the weekend when I ran a workshop with a group of wonderful women who run a brilliant programme for Parents, babies and pre-schoolers to develop their brains and bodies to optimise potential and performance for the rest of the child’s lives..

Contact me if you want their contact details.

The real joy came though in me passing on some of our Key Influencing strategies to help them market, persuade and convert better..


Let's Talk Money and Keeping Promises

I’ve been for a surf on a beautiful Sunday morning in Perth and now I’m sitting here on my new Apple Air notebook laptop…

(That new board hasn’t arrived yet but thanks to the people who bought the products from last week’s Surfboard Sales Coaching Offer…all is well in the Farnell household.)

It’s been an interesting week so here are a couple of the lessons this week that I thought would be of benefit to you..


The Lemons into Lemonade Marketing Lesson Offer for YOU

read it all through to get the marketing lesson.. and the full Benefits you can use in your business tomorrow..


I’m sitting here in a minor panic..

There is a lesson here for us all..

Lesson One: Don’t go on ebay on a Friday night at the end of a hard week..

You’re just not thinking (or I wasn’t quite thinking..)

I was just browsing around..

Innocently looking at surfboards.. Was looking at epoxy ones..

(My surfboard making mate Shane Stedman will go mad at me for this.. he hates epoxy surfboard sale.jpgboards..)

And I saw a lovely blue epoxy 9 footer…(see attached photo)  ..

I was seduced by images of me surfing beautiful blue waves on a beautiful blue malibu….. ..I’d clicked the ‘buy now’ button..

So I had to pay for it on PayPal..

So now I’ve got a 9 foot epoxy board rolling up in the post in a week or so (and I don’t dare tell my wife about this..It will only reinforce her opinion that I am a spendaholic…)



Lesson Two: Turn Lemons into Lemonade.


How Well do You Really Know Someone?

I just got off the phone from talking to an old mate of mine, Jon Doust.
Jon and I have known each other since the early 80’s.
We ran a highly successful ‘Humour Workshop’ at UWA for several years and even presented at the World Humour Conference one year.
I had just finished reading Jon’s highly acclaimed and Award winning book ‘Boy on a Wire’.
‘What’s the book about?’ I hear you ask..
The Age newspaper puts it way better than I could so here goes..
‘From the opening sentence, it is clear that we are in the presence of a writer with a distinctive voice and uncanny ability to capture the bewilderment and burgeoning anger of a boy struggling to remain true to himself while navigating the hypocritical system he finds himself trapped in … what makes Boy on a Wire much more than a bleak coming-of-age story is Doust’s sharp wit. “Justice not only prevails at Grammar School, it is rampant.” If you know an angry teenager, give this to him.’ — The Age

Sales Innovation: There is NO 'i' in Pitch

This is a post to do with Innovation of Your Pitch Process..
It’s in the Sales and Marketing realm of your business… and when you get it right, you hit the goldstream…
I just got an sms yesterday from client and friend Mark Antonio at DMD Shelving Direct..
It was news we had been waiting on for the past few days…
It was good news… NO.. make that GREAT news..
Mark and the team had just won the biggest contract of their lives… fitting out one of, if not THE, BIGGEST warehouse in Western Australia.
Victory… it’s a wonderful feeling..
They had been up against some of the biggest companies in their industry…YET, they WON..
‘How did they do it?’ you ask…

What do Kelly Slater and the Global Financial Crisis Have in Common?

What do 10 times World Champion Kelly Slater and the GFC have in common?

Well, let me back up a little before I explain..

Earlier in the week, I read an article in the West Australian Newspaper with the headline “Age Means Nothing to Slater”

In it was a great piece on Innovation, mindset and staying at the top of your game.

I quote:

“Asked on Monday if he felt like he was hitting his surfing peak, Slater replied: “If I’m not, then everyone else is going backwards, it’s pretty simple.

“I’m obviously surfing better than I ever have, I’m stronger, I know my equipment better, better choices, more experience.

“You have to have your mind there and you have to be going out and putting the surfing in – obviously that’s coming together pretty well, also.”

Slater is contemptuous of the idea that age should limit performance.

“People have a certain expectation you’re going to deteriorate, you’re vulnerable and your body is going to start falling apart and you’re going to gain weight and you’re going to get old and have kids,” he said.

Best Business Lesson #22: The Power of the Diagnostic


Monday marked the final sign off for the wind up of the Blue Rocket partnership..

As you can imagine, winding up of any partnership is traumatic, even if it was as amicable as the wind up between myself and John.

But the river of life keeps moving, and so it is with John needing to do his thing and me doing mine..


Wednesday marked another workshop in the series with the West Australian Newspaper Sales Team.

We experimented with a new format based on my recent readings of the terrific book ‘Influencer – The Power to Change Anything’ by Patterson, Grenny et al.

We have always used the Science of Deliberate Practice in our Sales Breakthrough sessions but taking on several new concepts from the book, we have taken the training to brand new levels.

People were raving accolades at the end of the day..

Business Success Lesson #23: The Only Thing Certain is Change…and Boldness

It’s Monday morning..

My son is playing Kings of Leon full blast downstairs.. (he loves his music)..

I open the paper and see Kylie has launched a new world tour in a shell in Europe..

Lady Ga Ga is getting even more publicity going on American TV in a ‘condom inspired’ suit.. (Last week she arrived at the Grammies in an egg..)

Ricky Nixon is in all sorts of trouble doing whatever it is alleged he is doing..