How September 11th, Einstein and You Relate

Sunday 11th September 2011
I was going to write about some of the powerful and inspirational business innovations that have gone on in the past week, but when I saw the date, my mind raced back to the same day ten years ago..
Whose hasn’t?
We were in Bali. We’d just finished a running a Business Innovation conference for an Insurance Broker client.
The week had gone fantastically. We were all set to have a final night celebration.
And then we saw it on the TV..
It was unbelievable..
Was the world at War? What the hell was going on?

Marketing Lesson #24: What Word Do You Own?

What  a week?
What a day?
What a last hour?
Or more the point..
What have Apple and Nic Naitanui got in common?
Let’s Reverse Engineer this..
I’ve just raced upstairs having watched part of the second quarter of the Melbourne vs West Coast Eagles game..
Nic Naitanui just did another move that made me gasp… shout.. jump up and down like a little school kid..
Ebley’s running down the wing..takes a shot from 50metres.. it goes wide.. Naitanui goes for the mark, only gets one hand to it. Taps it down.. he roves it himself. Picks it up with one hand, blind turns out of the pack and snaps a stunning over the shoulder goal..
What word does Nic Naitanui own?

Leadership Lesson #3: How to Cope as the World Looms on the Financial Brink

On a Monday morning as the world looms on the Financial Brink I just wanted to help you if I could..
Obama and the team are fighting it out in the White House with the Republicans.
Will they be able to stave off the debt crisis?
Will they default on their debt payments?
Just to put you in the picture in case you didn’t know (Source )

How to Crack Open the Hidden Fortune Cookies in Your Business

It’s a beautiful Sunday morning in Perth..

James at soccer, Grace on the phone to friends, Catherine preparing for School term starting next week.

Me reflecting on the last week and thinking about next week.

Talking about next week.

To give you a little heads up, on page 12 of tomorrow’s (Monday’s) West Australian will be running an ad offering a FREE report and Strategic Planning Competition.

So what’s this got to do with you?

1. If you want to get yourself a copy click on the links.

2. In today’s marketplace, unless you’re in Mining or one of its related industries, chances are, you’re finding business a bit tough..

If that’s the case, you seriously need to remember the late Professor Peter Drucker’s statement

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”


Innovation Secret #45: Collingwood, Malthouse and Hungry Crowds

What a funny weekend..

Well it was for me anyway..


It all started on Tuesday or Wednesday this week with an article in the West Australian where Collingwood Coach Mick Malthouse was quoted waxing emotionally about his old Club Richmond.

How much he feels at home when he goes there.


He’s coaching Collingwood.

It also happens he’s going to hand over the Coaching duties to Nathan Buckley in October this year.

He then goes on the Footy Show on Thursday night and is interviewed about how “happy” (read unhappy) he is to hand over the coaching reigns.

He says things like (and I’m paraphrasing..but essentially these were the words he used..)

Innovation Tip #12: How to Cope with Carbon, Consumer Confidence and Other Important C Words in Business

Our good friends Jim and Alice offered me a wee whiskey last night when I went over to pick up James from band practice.

Alice is Scottish, so a small whiskey on a cold Saturday night is just something you do.

I’ve had about 3 whiskeys in my whole life. So it hits hard when you sip it straight.

As we sat round their kitchen table, Jim and I start talking business.

As Jim says, ‘It’s tough in retail….’

‘The banks are still holding up money…’

‘People aren’t spending…’

Yet on the Today Tonight programme during the week they were showing all the new millionaires who were making money on the internet.

The landscape is not the same for everyone.

Or is it?

And as I scan the Consumer Confidence figures from the Roy Morgan July survey,

Innovation Lesson #23: Speilberg, Pitt and You

I’ve just had a weekend of movie watching and thinking..

Last night we went to see Bratt Pitt’s ‘Tree of Life”

It had won the Golden Palm or some such award in Canne at the Film Festival.

Brad Pitt was in it. Sean Penn was in it.

Assumption = it had to be good…

In my opinion…. WRONG..

Visually stunning… clever…

The rest of it…. artistically ostentatious…

Years ago, one of the founders of the National Speakers Association of Australia, Winston Marsh said we should create a Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Innocent Audiences…

This movie would have been banned by that Society.

What Keith Richards Reveals About Money, Success, Business


I’m reading Keith Richards autobiography at the moment..

It’s simply called ‘Life’..

(Ok… so he worked with a journo James Fox to get it all down.. but it’s still a great read..)

The detail of the memory may surprise you, but it really is written with great description of the post war years, his childhood and I am now up to the early years of the Rolling Stones..


In the winter of 1962 Keith tells us he, Mick Jagger and Brian Jones were freezing and starving in a grotty flat in London. Getting paid zero pounds for the privledge of doing gigs but spending day after day immersing themselves in the records of Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Reed and several other American Rhythm and Blues legends.
They would sit for hours asking ‘how the hell did they do that?’
‘How did they get that sound?’
‘How did they play that chord progression?’
‘How can they do that much with 2 chords?’ etc.. etc..


I’m only up to page 143 of 630 pages but already Keith has provided many insights into the making of one of, if not THE, greatest rock and roll bands of all time..

There it is on page 142…

What PT Barnum and Qantas can Teach You about Sales and Marketing



I’m sitting in the Qantas Club waiting for my delayed flight from Melbourne to fly back to Perth.

‘Safety Over Schedule’ has been Qantas’ mantra this week.

The Chilean Ash Cloud now a wing on a Jumbo looking suss..

I’ll take the Safety thanks… No problems.. I’ll get home just that little later..but at least I’ll get home..

But that’s not what I wanted to write about this week..




On Tuesday and on Wednesday working with the clients in Melbourne and Sydney, yet again, the power of raking over and analyzing the Pitch and Proposal process, we uncovered literally $1,000,000’s in better ways of doing things..


In Sydney the client was pitching for $1.5 million in business. They were very concerned the revenue was going to be cut based on what their client had told them.