Management Lesson # 35: AC/DC and How to Discover the Hidden Diamonds in Your Business

I’ve just got off the phone from talking to one of my oldest mates in Sydney.

(We met at Intervarsity Water Polo in 1976. He was MC at my wedding and I was MC at his.. We go back a long way.)

So I had to share a story with him about the gig we (our band Flipside) played for FMG last night down on Langley Park on the river in Perth.

Over the years my mate had been a bit of a mentor to me so I jokingly said to him

‘Why didn’t you tell me to pick up the guitar earlier?’

(I didn’t start to play until I was 40)

But now… back to the story….

There we were last night in the band playing our last song (AC/DC ‘ Jailbreak’).

About 500 people on the dance floor going bananas.

Someone screamed out ‘Do an Angus. Get your shirt off…’

So I did…

What the heck!!??

A 55 year old man, father of 3, married for 25 years morphing into an 18 year old again..

Was I being a lunatic? Was I caught up in the moment? Was I just being part of who I really am? (Doctor, Doctor, help me out here??)

So what’s this got to do with you?

Know Me or Lose Me

Sales Management Lesson #24: The $300,000 Sales Coaching Ripple Effect

Sunday 12.39 – Perth.

Where do I start?

What a week this week?

Nationally, we’ve got the Labor Party Conference in Sydney with Gay Marriage dominating the agenda (although it’s the Nuclear Sales to India topic on the agenda today..)

Locally, its the Channel Seven Christmas Pageant (which cost me $120 parking fine last night for parking in a street they are using in the pageant today… Hope people enjoy the pageant. Lesson for Leigh about parking..

Yes, I have gone through the Denial – Anger – Bargaining – Frustration/Depression – Acceptance and now New World View process over this ticket.. Occasionally lapsing back into Anger.. But…)

Actually, as I think about it, we have people going through the exact same emotions over the Gay Marriage, Mining Tax and Carbon Tax issues as well… Although I’m not so sure we’re going to get to New World View on the Carbon Tax issue…)

The real lessons from the week..


In a coaching session with a Sales Manager during the week where this manager has taken action.

Paul Harris, Sales Manager at Hosch in Perth has overseen and managed a 300% growth over the past 3 years. He is by any measure, already incredibly successful.

But he wants to do better.

He came to the last Sales Management Masterclass, and he realised he had much still to learn.

He talked of the impact of the strategies from the Sales Management Masterclass not only impacting his Sales Team (in fact, one of them have left since he had a ‘sorting it out chat’ with him. He says he and the team now feel a massive weight has lifted off their shoulders.

As he put it, quoting an old Elvis Presley movie – ‘The Interference Has Left the Building.’

Marketing Lesson #101: Reduce the Marketing Blind Spot and Magnetising Your Sales Message

It’s Sunday lunchtime — 12.38pm to be precise..

As you know, I sit down most Sundays to reflect on the week that was and ask myself the big question ‘what did I learn this week that might be of interest to other people in business?’

I’ve been to water polo training and had my two coffees, I’ve washed the cars (it was on my weekend list of things to do today) and now it’s time to reflect and share my weekly lessons with you.


The week started off with a meeting talking about my advertising and marketing.

A media executive asked me if he could be blunt and honest with me..

I said ‘of course..(and quoting from The One Minute Manager I said ‘FEEDBACK IS THE BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.. so give me the feedback..’

So he did..

He says ‘I’ve looked at your website..and I have to say, ‘it’s crap..’

Business Leadership Lesson #42: How to Turn Workplace Explosion into Workplace Performance

Good morning Leigh

I’ve been thinking about this all weekend…

When I was thinking about what happened last week I keep getting the image of ‘Red Adair’ in my head..
You may remember Red Adair. He was  a legend at fixing oil wells and gas platforms that were on fire.

This is what Wikipedia says about him:

Paul Neal “Red” Adair (June 18, 1915 – August 7, 2004) was an American oil well firefighter. He became world notable as an innovator in the highly specialized and extremely hazardous profession of extinguishing and capping blazing, erupting oil well blowouts, both land-based and offshore.

Over the past few weeks clients have asked me to go into several sales teams that were ‘extremely hazardous..blazing..erupting..’ with issues, challenges, walk outs and disaster.

Sales Coaching Lesson #34: Is there a Golden 30 seconds in Selling?

It’s a beautiful sunny day in Perth today and thanks to CHOGM we have a long weekend..

I’m about to race off to Water Polo training but I wanted to share with you some of the lessons from this weeks Sales Coaching in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.


I’ve been putting the finishing touches to the slides and notes for next weekends Sales Management Masterclass here in Perth (and I’ve got to say, I’m very excited about the difference I’m going to create to those Sales Management leaders who have made the commitment to be there..)

Some questions for you..

Sales Coaching Lesson # 12: How the Volvo Got Me Thinking about Your Sales Results

I am in Geelong this morning (in wet, rainy,but very green Victoria).

Besides the fact that my mate Max has 3 replica AFL Premiership cups on his study bookshelf, he also reminded me of valuable coaching lesson over the weekend.

Max’s wife Jan drives a Volvo and Max drives a Holden.

As we were driving around in the car, he kept turning on the windscreen wipers every time he wanted to use the blinker..

(Have you ever done that???)

He was so used to driving one car, that when he got in the other car, he was wired up, conditioned, trained to use the left lever as the blinker not the right (or vice versa).

It reminded me of a sales team I am doing Sales Coaching with back in Perth who have been answering the phones and taking the orders the same way for many years.

They have been conditioned, wired, habitualised to do it that way for at least the last 3 or 4 years.

Now the boss wants to get them to change.

Leadership Lesson #47: Why Am I thinking about Apollo 13, Steve Jobs, Mick Malthouse and You?

Why am I pre-occupied looking at movie clips of “Apollo 13”?
Do you remember the Tom Hanks, Ron Howard Directed movie from 1995?
It was a true story of how NASA got the crippled Apollo 13 space craft back to earth after its oxygen/power failed half way through the flight..
It was a testament to teamwork, leadership, problem solving and human synergistics.
It really was a ripper..

Leadership Lesson #72: Why Not Have a House Divided



On June 16th, 1858 in Springfield Illinois, Abraham Lincoln said these famous words:


“A house divided against itself cannot stand. I believe this government cannot endure, permanently, half slave and half free. I do not expect the Union to be dissolved — I do not expect the house to fall — but I do expect it will cease to be divided. It will become all one thing or all the other. Either the opponents of slavery will arrest the further spread of it, and place it where the public mind shall rest in the belief that it is in the course of ultimate extinction; or its advocates will push it forward, till it shall become alike lawful in all the States, old as well as new — North as well as South.”

Leadership Lesson #23: How To Motivate and Lead to Go From Bottom to the Top

It’s now 24 hours since the West Coast Eagles played a cliff hanger game to beat Carlton by 3 points and scrape into the Preliminary Finals against Geelong next week..

For anyone who saw the game live or on TV, it really was one of the great games of the year if not the decade.

The Eagles were 4 goals down in the first quarter.

They clawed their way back to lead most of the game.

They led by 21 points at the 22nd minute of the last quarter.

Then Carlton came back at them.

In the end, if Carlton had kicked just one more straight kick they would have won.

Both teams had injuries.

Both teams ran themselves ragged.

The crowd were going ballistic.

The last quarter went for a marathon 36 minutes..

Then.. the final siren.. The Eagles by 3 points..