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Sales Training Tip #37: Asking the Right Questions to Break New Sales Records

by Leigh Farnell
What a week..
Usain Bolt runs another amazing race to win the 200..
The Jamaican’s win the 4 x 100 in World Record time.
Australian Swimming launches a review into the performances in London..
Carl Lewis mouths off about Usain Bolt…
Local Real Estate Sales Person breaks best ever sales record in his office..
New Sales Team learns best way to sell their product…
I find all this interesting..
It’s Human Performance…

How to Make Your Business Perform Stronger, Higher, Faster

3 Words to Coach, Manage and Lead Your Team to Higher Levels of Performance By

I had friends over for dinner on Friday night..
One of them asked me what I was going to write about the Olympics.. and it got me thinking..
The Opening Ceremony is this week.. and for the next 14 days or so I’m sure we’ll all be glued to our TV’s and mesmerised by some fantastic performances in the pool and on the track..
But it got me thinking to what that has to do with performance in business and our personal lives..
What Best Performance lessons are there in this for you and me?
I came up with three words..

Hospitality and Leadership Lessons from Fabulous Fabio

Why we should all be a Fabulous Fabio

by Leigh Farnell
It’s half way through the World Masters Water Polo tournament and we play our first finals game this afternoon at 5..
So I’m resting up for the big game..
But that’s not why I’m writing to you..
For the past 5 days we have stayed at a funny little hotel on the coast here in Riccione..
The Kent Hotel – Riccione..
The hotel.. the building… the bricks and mortar (with the pink decorations on the outside walls)
is not the thing that makes this place so special..

Sales and Service Lessons from Rome – Revenue Gladiator Roberto

I’m writing this from my hotel room in Rome after a day touring the Vatican,
Sistine Chapel and Colosseum by night..

There is a Salvidor Dali exhibition at the Museum and we’ve barely touched the surface of things to do in Rome..
What has struck me though is the genuine desire of people in customer service positions to give great service..
Why People Buy? Lessons from Roberto..
I took a photo of our waiter Roberto yesterday at the El Presidente Restaurant just near Trevi Foundation..

What Hit Me as I sailed past George Clooney's Place

I’m writing this on a train going from Rome to Napoli…

My darling wife wants us to see the Amalfi Coast before we race back to Perth and start back in the land of Oz..

I have been thinking about all the different business lessons I wanted to share with you that have been sparked in my mind since I last wrote to you about Fabulous Fabio and his Customer Service Attitude.

Leadership Lesson # 39: Why Ode to the Crazy Ones?

I’m reading the Steve Jobs biography by Walter Isaacson at the moment..

I find myself getting inspired.. angry.. inspired.. angry..

Inspired about his incredible achievements..

Angry about the way he treated people – even those very close to him.

It really is a rollercoaster ride about a very complex but driven person, who really has,
as he used to say ‘made a dent in the Universe’

Sales Training Lesson #47: What Demi Moore has to do with Your Sales Revitalisation Programme

The things you pick up when you’re driving in the car with your family..

Yesterday I was waiting for my darling wife to do a bit of shopping and I happened to flick open the women’s magazine Grazia she had left sitting on the passenger seat..

(I mean, what else is a man to do if he just doesn’t want to see the inside of ONE more supermarket..?)

Sure some of you enlightened chaps would go in and hold the basket or wheel the trolley (but yesterday, I just didn’t want to do that..)

So I opened up the mag…

On the cover was a picture of actress Demi Moore..

Sales Management Lesson #35: The Chain of Command in Successful Cashflow Systems

I was on the phone to one of my clients this week.

She was reporting back on some dynamics going on in her company.

In short, the Sales Team were under the pump, getting heat from the Sales Manager to achieve Stretch Sales Targets.

They were not happy.

Instead of talking about it with the Sales Manager, they were going straight to the GM.

Sounds fair enough..

Where there’s a Crack in the Chain of Command…

Problem was, not only was the GM listening to them, she was taking sides with them and consciously or subconsciously leaking out her doubts, thoughts, concerns about the Sales Manager to the Sales Team instead of talking directly to the Sales Manager.