Customer Service Lesson #4: Why my Wife went from Shocked, Upset and Angry to Smiling, Raving Fan

Why Customer Service starts way after the Initial Purchase

Only two sleeps before Christmas..

The year has flown by.

The tree is up downstairs. Lights are on. Tinsel glittering as they change from red to blue to yellow..

Gift cards, Apple gift cards, Apple TV’s, books, makeup, clothing and other stuff lay wrapped around the tree ready to surprise and delight on Christmas morning.

I’ve been in and out of shops getting all sorts of variations in Customer Service.

Some surprise with their interest, friendliness and product knowledge (like at Specsavers and Apple) and some surprise with their lack of interest, friendliness and clear desire to do the bare minimum and collect their hourly rate (read large Department store I shall not name..)

Talking of Customer Service Surprise and Delight..

My darling wife’s car was broken into the other night…

Driver side window.. car unlocked.

Motivation Lesson #4: What You can Learn from Sting, Parko and my old mate Neil about The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox

What You can Learn about Motivation from Sting, Parko and Neil. Discovering The Strength/Vulnerability Paradox at Our Age..

by Leigh Farnell

I’m a day or two late with this post.. But it’s not a question of motivation.

Have been wrapped in cotton wool recovering from a bout of the flu..

But while recouperating, have been watching documentaries on my apple tv and reading..

Here are some  quotes I’ve been hit with over the past few days I wanted to share with help with your motivation, inspiration and learning.


Sting is one of my heroes, role models, mentors (or just call me a starry eyed groupie…in the non sexual way that is..)

I was Youtubing Sting clips last week and came across an interview he did for the Sunrise programme recently..

When Mel asked him ‘what motivates you to keep so fit and trim at age 60?’ he replies..

‘It’s a combination of discipline … and vanity…’

I thought, what a great answer? What a great combination of motivators..

Discipline and Vanity..Motivation and You..

SMART Decision Making and 5 Tips on How to Avoid Making Dumb Decisions in Your Business

Do You Use SMART Decision Making?


Another week has zipped by..

And the week has demonstrated yet again the importance of knowing how to make good decisions in a company..

Decision Making is a skill.

Decision Making is a skill that can be learned, practiced, coached and improved.

In the absence of using Smart Decision Making discipline, a lot of dumb (and costly) decisions are made every day..

I’ve seen and heard the power and cost of making EDD’s and ULD’s..

I heard how one ULD cost over $200,000 and another caused a top performing, high revenue generator to walk and head straight over to the opposition..



I was talking to a guy last week (Chris the Sound guy at our gig last Friday night.. My band played a Primary School Christmas party at the Yokine Bowling Club…)

Life Lesson #1.5: What Near Death Teaches You about Currencies, Exchange Rates, Pizza and Health

It’s Monday morning as we move into the last few weeks before Christmas…

What a year it’s been..!

How good has it been for your health?

The US Election… Julia and Tony going at it.. Boat people.. Immigration.. New York storms.. The Dockers beating Geelong in the Finals…etc etc..

That’s the coffee table chat stuff… but what about yours and my business stuff..

Yours and my business health.. ?

The stuff of meeting prospects with problems and needs… solving those problems and needs….?

What about the stuff of where we are taking our businesses…. And how we are optimizing our time and our talents..

Leadership Lesson #12: What the Melbourne Cup and Barack Obama's Win Reveals for You as a Leader

What a week it was last week..

On Tuesday I came back to the office and turned on the TV to watch a great run in the Melbourne Cup. Green Moon’s run and the jockeys exuberance after the race were inspirational.

Here’s an exercise..


Let’s deconstruct what the winning jockey Brett Prebble said after the race..

“It’s a lifelong dream. I was very confident at the mile, then at the 1200m I thought the only thing that could get him beaten was his stamina if he didn’t stay the trip, but the feeling he was giving me at the 1200 was the sort of feeling you only get from very good horses. I’ve been very fortunate to ride some champions and he’s up there in the top 10.”

Where are the clues to leadership, winning and success in here?

Let me give you my thoughts.

Business Success Lesson # 4: Monday Morning Success Secret

What I Learnt from a Champion about Success and How you Can Use it in Your Business and Life

by Leigh Farnell



I’ve woken up before the alarm this morning with one thought in my mind..

I wanted to share it with you..

I have swimming training in an hour from now..

In the next lane will be a guy who has already been there since 5.30am..

His name is Greg Mickle..

Sales Leadership Lesson # 27: How Losing London Gold can Win You Gold in Your Business

How Loose Teams and D***heads Can Cost You Gold in Your Business

by Leigh Farnell

I’ve woken up this morning with the cover story from yesterday’s Weekend Australian Magazine haunting me..

There on the cover is a shirtless James Magnussen and his Coach Brant Best with the headline ‘How it Went Wrong – What happened behind the scenes to derail our Olympic swimming campaign.

What a bloody disaster..

A disaster of leadership..

So let’s attempt to turn a sporting disaster into a Business and Sales Leadership Success.


There is an old saying when it comes to teams and leadership – ‘The fish stinks from the head first..’

Sales Coaching Tip # 19: How The Secrets of Transformation are Found in a Front Garden

I’m a day late..
Just got back last night from a weekend in Sydney catching up with old water polo mates dating way back to  1976..
My mate Menno and his wife Jenny had a party to celebrate the opening of their new garden..
(‘Any excuse for a party’ I hear you say…)
But the point is, Menno was never a gardener..
A Formula for Transformation

Sales Training Tip #29: How Not to Play If You're Not in the Same Park

What Every Sales Manager should be Training in their Sales Training – But 90% Don’t

Ever thought you had a sale in the bag..
You race back to the office to write up a plan, a quote, a proposal..
You spend hours and hours writing it up..
getting it just right..
You send it..
Then you never hear from the prospect again..
You miss out on the sale… plus you’ve spent hours and hours on it only to have your efforts vaporize into nothing??
This Sales Training article is for you..